Westlife wife

Very random indeed, Pete just popped to Sainsburys to get something for supper and who should he bump into but Shane from Westlife!! He was being a good little wife and shopping for his family. They have just flown in from Dublin today as they are playing at the 02 for three nights. Pete of course knows him as they toured together back in 2008 and I have known the Westlife boys for years as they were one of the first bands I ever worked with. Small world, how things have changed in the last few years, instead of all being out at a bar together it is now meeting in the local supermarket!

On a music video with them a million years ago……

………and this was the last time they played at the 02. Pete was on lead guitar and I was looking after Esmeralda and pregnant with Gertie Boo!

Pete has been sorting out visas for Russia today as he leaves at the end of the month for a week. He then has a further two weeks back in Vegas at the beginning of August. As far as we know that will be it for touring this year so he has just designed a website for his new business Honoré Music. You can see the link to the right of this page. Please feel free to forward it to anyone who may be interested, would be good to get him working in the UK a bit more!

I have decided to go back to school for a bit and do an intensive hair cutting course. I am really excited actually. The way that the industry is going, it seems that you are better off if you can do hair and make up so that’s what I intend to do. I will be heading off to Shepperton Studios in the summer for three weeks and then perhaps again to do styling and wig dressing. Always nice to add another skill to the list!

Anyway, I hope you have had a good day. xx

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I can speak Spanish without even trying!

Oh my goodness, this is so funny……I stumbled across it today and it really freaked me out. Some how my blog has been translated into Spanish! What the ****!!! I really hope this works, try popping this link in your computer and see what you get. http://translate.google.com.ar/translate?hl=es&langpair=en|es&u=http://chloehonore.wordpress.com/2010/01/page/2/ It’s SPOOKY!!!!!

Another crazy thing that has happened today is that I received an email from a guy who has found my blog and fallen in love with one of the first work shots I put on it. He would like to use it as the front cover of a book!! Of course it is not up to me but I hope the photographer says yes. Would look lovely on the coffee table.

We had a great weekend, just chilled. Most of it was spent just the four of us. The girls saw their trampoline for the first time and their little faces were a picture. Unfortunately it has been raining non stop so they didn’t get to use it much but tomorrow they have their friends, Felicity and Juliette, coming over for an afternoon of bouncing madness! Can’t wait.

So the pictures of the day are, in my opinion, very cute. I have discovered a great app on my phone that creates these old school types of images. Look how much the girls have grown up since January! All together now, aahhhhhhh!

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Told you I’d be back!

Hello hello hello!! I feel like I haven’t written for a million years. I missed it. So, where to start? Pete has been home for two weeks now and I think we are only just starting to settle back into normal family life. The first few days are always euphoric, the girls go totally mental and stick to their daddy like little leeches and I am just so happy my man is home. Then comes the crash when we start to get annoyed with each other, the tonne of tour washing, the lack of space, compromise, joint parenting etc. Pete has to get used to waking up early every morning and never having a second to himself and I have to get used to not being top dog any more. Anyway, we are past all of that now and back to being the Honoré family I love.

A lot has been going on in the last fourteen days. Esmeralda had her first nursery birthday party which was very cute. The theme was ‘princess’ so she went in full tacky glory, princess outfit, tiara, painted nails and a face full of glitter. It lasted all of thirty minutes before she stripped naked and then encouraged all of the other kids to do the same! She must get that from her father although my mum seemed to think it came from me!!

We then had the open gardens at our landlords pad. Just to set the picture, he isn’t your typical landlord…he is a Baron and has a sixty six acre estate and we live in the gate house. As they are from Holland, every year they have a tulip festival which is quite beautiful so we took my parents and strolled around the gardens in the sunshine.

Peter has been redoing his studio with the hope that he is going to start writing a lot more music. He wants to crack the commercials industry, which we know is very hard, but he has a real talent for it so fingers crossed it kicks off soon. He is going to create a new website especially for that so I will post the link when it is done.

I had a great job on Tuesday. It was for Vision magazine and the photographer was Andrea Vecchiato. It had a really raunchy Parisian feel and will be great in my book. We shot in a quirky gay pub in Hackney which was stuffed full of bits and bobs, plenty to look at.

On Wednesday I went off to the Estée Lauder head quarters in the West End bright and early to help Clinique launch their new Bright Eyes collection. I showed the beauty journalists how the products worked and did mini make overs on them. It went really well and they were all very pleased. They had decked the room out especially and had even commissioned an artist called Nuno De Costa to paint some beauty pictures using the colours in the collection.

On the way back from the job I discovered a fantastic assortment of colourful elephants but as I tried to take my second photo I was snapped by another photographer so I had to run away!

This evening Pete spent two hours in the garden building a trampoline for the girls. They are going to LOVE it! They will be so excited in the morning as they have no idea it is there yet! We cannot wait to see their little faces.

Good to be back. Night night xx

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Life is sweet

Amazing. As I said when he left “no words” and the same applies now. I think I am in a state of shock that he is actually here. We are complete again. The girls are beside themselves and haven’t let Pete out of their site since he got home. I can’t take my eyes of him and he has thrown himself straight back into the roll of being doting husband and father. Wow. Happy days.

The last three months have just melted away and I am so thankful that he is home safe and sound and looking more gorgeous than I remember. He is doing bath time with the girls so I have a second to write this but I am going to get back to my family now and leave you to your evenings.

So long for now and speak soon. Big fat love! x

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Count down over

Well this is it folks. This is the moment I have been counting down to since I started writing this blog. We have been separated for 94 days. At times it has been slow and painful but the majority of it has flown by. You have all been so sweet and supportive and I thank you for that. To my friends and family who have come to hang out, taken walks with us, listened to me go on about Pete and helped with the girls…I love you loads.

I am a bag of emotions right now. He is twenty minutes away and I am so excited about seeing him but also sad that the special bond the girls and I have shared over the last three months will now change. Still, it is a happy time and what a perfect sunny day for him to be coming back to us.

I will let you know how it all goes but for now I am off to put some balloons up outside!!!

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Choo choo!!!

He’s on the train now……he should be in London by about 3pm……..OMG OMG OMG!

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Only a matter of time

Counting down the hours…my heart is racing! He was in Paris at 9am this morning and they are trying to get to the train as fast as possible. The last thing they want to do is miss it. Once the bus is on the train it is a done deal and we will definitely see him. They are going to be dropped of in South West London this evening. I can’t breathe!!!!!!

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Tomorrow la dee da!!

My husband, Peter Honoré, is finally on his way home. He spent most of the day stuck at the airport in Casablanca but managed to get to Barcelona this evening and is now on the tour bus traveling through Spain! It will take about twenty four hours to get to London but thank god he is getting nearer by the second.

I think it is about time I came clean about my latest tattoo. I haven’t really told or shown anyone as I wanted to tell my folks first. I know that may sound silly as I’m 32, married and have two children, but I know they don’t like them and this one is quite big so I wanted to give them some warning. I managed to hide it for the whole of winter and now the sun is out I knew it would be seen. So……I got it done last October when Pete started touring with Tom Jones. It is something I have meant to do for a long time but have been pregnant or feeding so wasn’t allowed. Pete got ‘Forever Chloë’ tattooed on his arm over three years ago so I have been dying to do the same. Mine says ‘Forever Peter My Love My Life’, full on I know but it has really kept my head in the right place over the last six months. It reminds me how special our relationship is and how important we are to each other. The picture below is the only one that shows it and it’s actually flipped so it reads back to front!

Anyway, I’m going to go and fake tan and beautify myself now so I’m looking vaguely decent tomorrow when my rock star returns! x

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Enough already.

Here’s the pictures of the day:

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Every cloud has a silver lining

Right, this tricky little ash cloud seems quite persistent and is going no where fast, so tomorrow Pete and the gang start their almighty journey to get home from Abu Daddy (as Gertie now calls it). Apparently they should be back by Thursday if all goes according to plan. Let the countdown begin…again. 3 more sleeps to go!!

Nothing major happening here. I am a bit stuck as Pete was meant to start being Daddy Daycare this week but obviously he can’t so I’m screwed. Our nanny Mandy is six days over her due date so I’m on my own. Gonna have to re jig a few things and start again next week. Still like a friend of mine said this morning…every cloud has a silver lining. At least Pete is in a nice hotel and not stuck in an airport somewhere. He also has a professional travel team doing everything they can to get him, Tom and the rest of the band home as fast as possible. AND……bless him….Tom is continuing their wages even though the tour has finished by paying them from his own pocket. Nice guy.

Finally, I have decided to stop the blog when Pete gets home. It has been great fun but I feel it is coming to a natural end and my brain wants to move onto something new. I’m not saying I will never write on it again but for a while I will let it lie.

Good night x x

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